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Hotels in Eilat

Hotels in Eilat

Eilat has a wide variety of hotels that will fit any style and any budget, from exclusive boutique hotels, through luxury hotels to popular economic hotels. The city's hotels combine access to the popular beaches and cruising sites, as well as to the city's many attractions, to make sure you'll have the perfect vacation.
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Eilat offers a wide variety of hotels of various accommodation levels and a wide range of styles and prices, for every possible type of vacation. The options are infinite and the guests can find the hotel that best suits their needs, based on budget, location, served meals and the activities and entertainment programs - for adults and children alike - that it provides. Eilat offers prestigious boutique hotels, hotels suitable for a family vacation, hotels that offer event and conference facilities, all-inclusive resorts and more. Every option that you might desire, based on the type of holiday that you plan on, is available to you. All you need to do is choose and you are on your way to having an unforgettable vacation in the enchanted city of Eilat, where the right hotel is a part of the whole package that includes the beautiful Red Sea, the magnificent mountains which surround it and the endless attractions that this city and its unique natural environment have to offer.

Many of Eilat hotels are located in the heart of this vibrant city, next to its northern shore and its promenade that is filled with shops and stands. Some of them are situated near shopping centers and malls. Others are found on the city’s beautiful southern shore, with its abundant excellent diving sites that are celebrated world-wide and present various wondrous natural treasures, such as phenomenal coral reefs and exceptional marine creatures- some of which are rare and even completely unique. Some of Eilat’s hotels also provide rides to different sites around the city.

Eilat is the all year round ultimate choice for a dreamy vacation of sun, sea, gorgeous beaches, shopping, sizzling entertainment scene and intoxicating atmosphere. It offers a dazzling choice of attractions and water and other sports activities, and in general, if you choose it, non-stop action. Some of Eilat’s hotels will make you feel right in heaven, with pampering rooms, private golden beaches, huge sparkling pools, advanced sports facilities, pampering spas, water activities, restaurants that serve excellent meals and provide a delicious culinary experience and many other surprises and never-ending excitement.