Camping in Eilat

Although not as popular as Eilat’s hotels and hostels, camping is still a great choice for those wanting to connect with nature and give their wallets a break. Most campsites charge between 20-50 NIS and provide a variety of basics, from drinking water to toilets to electricity. Whether you prefer to wake up along the water, surrounded by animals, or in the middle of the mountains, Eilat camping has something for you.
Note: Camping in non-designated areas can be dangerous and illegal.

Eilat Field School

Eilat Field School is the most beautiful and most highly recommended campsite for spending the night. Directly across from the Coral Reef Nature Reserve, the Field School boasts breathtaking views, spectacular hiking trails, and a truly exceptional experience. Among other camping services, the site offers toilets, showers, lighting, shaded areas and electricity connections.
Fee per person is 30 NIS. (08-637-1127).

The Antelope Ranch
Camping at The Antelope Ranch gives you the unique opportunity to sleep next to someone you usually wouldn’t consider sleeping next to, antelopes (200 different kinds of antelopes!). Within the fenced boundary, campers get to sleep outside in style, as the site provides closed and heated sheds, comfortable mattresses and mats and warm showers. And if you aren’t ready to go to sleep just yet, you can relax on a hammock or swim in the thermal pool (32° C at its source) that is rich in minerals. Fee per person is 60 NIS and 450 NIS for a couple in a cabin. North of moshav Tzofar (054-4791533).

Hai Bar
The place for animal lovers. Hai Bar was established for the breading of animals that have become rare in Southern Israel and it encompasses a variety of arid-land habitats including acacia groves, salt-flats and sand. Campers can partake in different tours depending on their schedule and interests. For example, bird-watchers can wake up early to take a bird-watching tour while late night travelers can take an evening tour to find nocturnal desert creatures. Whatever you choose, expect to see an array of animals, some of which you may never have seen or heard of before! Fee for Adult: 50 NIS, Child: 40 NIS. Yotvata (08-637 3057).

Be'erot - Makhtesh Ramon Overnight Campground
Although this spot is a bit to the north of the resort city of Eilat, it is a must-see spot for all travelers. Maktesh Ramon is the largest crater in the world and the views are mind-boggling. It can make any person feel miniscule compared to the magnitude of the stunning crater. The campsite is surrounded by nothing but desert and provides incredible hikes and adventure for any level. The camping facilities include toilets, palm leaves sheds, tables and benches, shaded areas and facilities for cooking and dishwashing. This is the only certified camping at Makhtesh Ramon. About 12 miles from the visitor center   (08-6586713).